¡Emigrantes : Contemos Nuestras Historias!

Nov 25, 2023

Receive the healing power of forgiveness and allow the decoding of your soul through the Akashic Records, Reiki and Yoga so you can live a more balanced and healthy life.

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 Paths to explore together

Reiki & Quantum Healing : HEALY

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Yoga & FeetUp™ Trainer

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Spiritual therapy 

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Safe Headstand Practice

Headstands can be intimidating, but with the FeetUp™ Trainer, you'll master this empowering pose with safety and confidence.


Healthier Body and Mind

Elevate your physical and mental well-being as you embark on a journey of self-discovery.


Empower Your Inner Explorer

It's time to push boundaries and embrace your inner adventurer. 


Brave and Healthy Living

Join a community of fearless women who are determined to make bold choices for their well-being. In these classes, you'll find inspiration, encouragement, and the tools to cultivate bravery in your practice and your life.


Unlock Your Potential

Are you ready to unlock a world of possibilities? Dive into our yoga classes featuring the FeetUp™ Trainer and experience a journey that's both invigorating and empowering.

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Embrace this opportunity to join us on the mat. No matter your age, shape, or experience level, our cozy studio is ready to welcome you into a world of gentle movement, relaxation, and growth.  


Come as you are, and let's embark on this beautiful journey together.

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Each Saturday at 11.00 am the doors of the studio are open for a small group to practice yoga, meditation and fly and turn upside down using a FeetUp Trainer. 


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Spiritual Transformation Through Akashic Records and A Course in Miracles

Welcome to a realm of profound healing and self-discovery, where ancient wisdom and timeless teachings converge to illuminate your path. I am honored to guide you through a transformative experience that draws from the Akashic Records and is rooted in the profound insights of A Course in Miracles.

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Holistic Wellbeing : Healy

Healy is a wearable gadget that merges cutting-edge technology with holistic health.

This pocket-sized device utilises microcurrent and frequency therapies to stimulate our body's natural healing processes. It's designed to address a wide range of issues, from stress and sleep challenges to chronic discomfort and emotional imbalances.

Ready to embrace a healthier, more vibrant you? Book a Healy session with me and discover the transformative benefits firsthand.


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Great to have you here!

Hi! I'm Luisa, your co-creative and intuitive coach, as well as a spiritual healer. I'm here to guide you on a journey of transforming your physical and mental well-being. Together, we'll unveil your radiance and empower you to radiate your light to the world.


Elevate Your Yoga Journey with FeetUp™

Welcome to a transformative yoga experience tailored for beginners who are ready to take their practice to new heights – literally. Our yoga classes, featuring the innovative FeetUp™ Trainer, offer a safe and empowering path for women seeking to embrace their bravery, explore their potential, and prioritize their health.



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3 Months

  • 10 classes
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1 single class

  • 1 class
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Reiki, Healy, or Akashic records sessions can be booked through WhatsApp

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¡Emigrantes : Contemos Nuestras Historias!

Nov 25, 2023