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Let's walk together towards personal and spiritual development.


Hello! I'm Luisa Convers, and I invite you to receive the healing power of forgiveness through the tools I use and share.

Welcome to my transformation journey. Towards the end of the 90s, my life was in chaos, marked by superficial relationships and constant inner struggle. My first three years in Belgium were challenging and filled with disconnection until yoga illuminated my path, providing me with a new perspective on the world.

The birth of my son brought infinite joy but also the unbearable pain of losing my mother when he was barely a month old. In those tough moments, meditation became my refuge, a powerful ally that allowed me to heal and find inner strength.

Seven years later, the death of my son's father left me directionless. That's when the Akashic Records became my guide, revealing the patterns of my soul and helping me discover the deeper purpose I was meant to follow.

In 2018, "A Course in Miracles" entered my life, definitively becoming my spiritual beacon. This diligent study strengthened my connection with the purpose of my soul, providing me with the necessary tools to overcome challenges and find peace amidst adversity.

Today, through this page, I share not only my story but also the tools and inspiration that led me to become the person I am now. I invite others to join this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth because I know each of us has the potential to transform chaos into calm and struggles into strengths.

Welcome to a space where transformation is possible!

Here is how we can work together

Explore Your Akashic Records

I help you to decode your soul and recognize the patterns that govern it, uncovering its characteristics, talents, and purpose. 

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Private Yoga experience


With more than 15 years of teaching experience, you can get a well-crafted yoga journey according to your needs and level. 

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Come to the Yoga & Reiki Studio


Embrace the opportunity to join a private yoga class or a Reiki or Healy Session

Regardless of your age, shape, or experience level, my cozy studio is prepared to welcome you into a world of gentle movement, relaxation, and personal growth.

Come as you are, and let's embark on this beautiful journey together 

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